Parliament – workers being left behind

Monday, 07 December 2020

There are so many Australians that are being left behind by the Morrison Liberal government—so many when it comes to employment and so many when it comes to jobs. We have seen many workers left out in the cold when it came to the JobKeeper wage subsidy and we haven’t seen a long-term vision from this government when it comes to long-term job creation into the future. We have had a lot of slogans, including the JobMaker program. Of course, I would welcome anything that would help young Australians gain and retain meaningful employment. I am not sure that their program is going to do this. It is a short-term program. But, worse than that, it draws an arbitrary line in the sand despite Australians of all ages looking for work.

Many have lost their jobs during the pandemic and will continue to in this ongoing recession. But, the Liberal Party has said. ‘If you’re under 35, we will provide a short-term wage subsidy but, if you’re over 35, you’re on your own.’ Caroline from Morphett Vale told me how frustrated she is. She said that the odds are already stacked against her as a mature-aged worker, and now she is competing with subsidised jobseekers. Another constituent raised this with me also. Caroline—this time from Seaford Rise—who worked for Qantas is furious that there is nothing to help those over 35. The lack of support is impacting people in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. I have been reached out to by a pilot who is now receiving no support while planes are grounded. This is not good enough. These people deserve support.

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