Summary of the 2022 Federal Budget

Friday, 25 November 2022

The Albanese Labor Government is focused on building a better future for Australians by investing in families and communities.

The Budget is centred around three main priorities, being:

  • Responsible cost-of-living relief through cheaper medicines, cheaper child care, increased paid parental leave and changes to the seniors health card;
  • Investing in our people and our economy with fee-free TAFE places, cleaner and cheaper energy and a future made in Australia; and
  • Starting to get the Budget back on track through tackling rorts and waste.

Australians are paying the price for a decade of missed opportunities and messed-up priorities under the Coalition.  A trillion dollars of debt, high and rising inflation, rising interest rates and a cost-of-living crisis are consequences of years of mismanagement by the previous government.

Australians understand the Albanese Labor Government didn’t create these challenges, but is taking responsibility for addressing them.

That’s why the budget includes plans for cheaper medicines, cheaper child care and increased paid parental leave which will make a real difference to household budgets for millions of families.  The budget also seeks to lift the speed limit on the economy and get wages moving again with investments in cheaper and cleaner energy, advanced manufacturing, skills and fee-free TAFE.

In the South, Amanda is proud to see this budget deliver funding for a number of key projects, including a significant upgrade of Flinders Medical Centre and an on/off ramp at Majors Road.

Funding was also made available for many vital pieces of community infrastructure, including several local parks and reserves and a number of schools, sporting and playgroup facilities.

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