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Wednesday, 05 February 2020

It is time the Prime Minister apologised to the Australian people for his sports rorts scandal. The Prime Minister said that the purpose of this sports rorts scheme was:

… ensuring young girls don’t have to change in their parents cars or out the back of the shed.

Well, if this were the case then South Adelaide Football Club, in my electorate, which has more women’s premierships than female toilets, was surely deserving of the money!

This club dutifully went through the process to apply for female change rooms, and when they found out they were unsuccessful they accepted the umpire’s decision. Little did they know that the deck was always stacked against them. We now know the government was funnelling this program for their own political purpose. But what added insult to injury to this club—like many others—was when they found out that while they didn’t receive a grant to support their girls and women, down the road the Old Collegians Rugby Union Football Club, in the marginal seat of Sturt, did receive a grant for female facilities despite not having one female player! Not one single female team!

This grants program was pork-barrelling on an industrial scale. It is time the Prime Minister apologised to the women and girls of South Adelaide Football Club, who, because they were not located in a marginal electorate, are most likely still having to get changed in their parents’ cars or out the back of a shed.

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