Seaside Rockpool at Hallett Cove

There has been a lot of talk in the community about a potential Seaside Rockpool at Hallett Cove.

The project originated from many in our local community pushing for this project. In response the City of Marion engaged the University of New South Wales to conduct a feasibility study.

This report has concluded it is technically feasible while further consideration would be needed to be given to operational and other aspects of the project.

In response to this the City of Marion has announce they would contribute 50% of the funding towards the establishment of a Hallett Cove Seaside Rockpool if the other 50% was matched by the State Government with the total cost of the project estimated to be $5.5 million dollars.

Amanda wants to know how you feel about the establishment of a seaside rockpool at Hallett Cove. Amanda has put together this survey so that your views can be passed on to the State Government to assist them in any decision making process. You can fill out there survey below.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project feel free to contact Amanda’s office on 8186 2588 or email [email protected]

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