Buy Australian Plan

As we emerge from the pandemic Labor knows how important it is to support Australian businesses and ensure there are good secure jobs.

The pandemic has laid bare the fact that we have lost too many manufacturing jobs. That’s why an Albanese Labor Government will back Aussie businesses to create local jobs but adopting common sense changes to the way Australian Government contract work.

Over the last three financial years the Australian Government has spent around $190 billion on government contracts, showing that government procurement policy is a major economic lever available to help drive the economic recovery.

An Albanese Labor Government will implement common sense reforms as part a of Labor’s Buy Australian Plan to support our economic recovery.

Labor’s Buy Australian Plan includes:

  • Establish a Future Made in Australia Office to support local industry in taking advantage of government purchasing opportunities;
  • Maximise opportunities for Australian businesses in major infrastructure projects;
  • Simplifying the procurement process to support more small and medium businesses by opening the door to more government work; and
  • Establish a Secure Australian Jobs Code to prioritise secure work in government contracts

As we recover from the pandemic Amanda think it’s important that government uses its economic power to support Australian business and Australian jobs.

If you want to see government use its procurement powers to buy Australian pledge your support here.

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