Parliament – Hopgood Theatre

Monday, 17 September 2018

Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker Laundy! The Hopgood Theatre is the beloved performing arts centre in my electorate and is it at risk. The state Liberal government has refused to commit long-term funding for the Hopgood Theatre, and the result is that its future is in jeopardy.

I wrote to the Premier, urging him to commit long-term funding for the Hopgood Theatre. His response was, ‘It is likely that the arts sector, like other areas of government, will be subject to saving targets in the state budget process.’ It is clear that the Premier is not backing the Hopgood Theatre, but it means so much to our community. It is where many of our children have graduated high school and it is where thousands of people have become Australian citizens.

The Hopgood Theatre is an integral part of the local arts community and it provides an accessible space for emerging local artists to perform, as well as bringing incredible and successful artists to our community. It provides our community with access to the arts. It’s a theatre run by Country Arts SA, and they do an outstanding job in attracting high-quality national shows.

The Hopgood Theatre is just too important to lose, and it has been amazing to see our community come together and show support for this theatre. We will continue the fight for the Hopgood Theatre, and I would like to acknowledge Harry from the Save the Hopgood Theatre Group, state members of parliament and local councillors. Together, we’ve been working to save this important space for the future.

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