Future of Port Stanvac

O’Sullivan Beach is a beautiful, coastal suburb, but many locals have expressed their frustration that the Port Stanvac site has sat dormant and is of no benefit to the community.

With the exit of ExxonMobil there is an opportunity to ensure O’Sullivan Beach and the wider community can have access to the beach and coastline at Port Stanvac, and that the land is available for public good.

Public acquisition would enhance our community, providing access to the beach and the connection of the coastal trail from Hallett Cove to O’Sullivan Beach.

It could also enable greater opportunities for recreational fishing and coastal activities.

The beach and coastline at Port Stanvac belong in public hands. You, as local residents, deserve access to your coast.

Recently the Government responded to our campaign to open Port Stanvac. The minister has confirmed that the beach up to the high water mark has been returned to the control of the State Government and requires some maintance work.

However, the minister has not committed if and when the beach will open to the public.

Amanda is calling on the State Government to provide some certainty to the local community about the future of the beach and coastline. Amanda has also written to the City of Onkaparinga to encourage them to consider taking over management of the foreshore area.

In the meantime Amanda needs your help to continue to show the public support for the beach. You can sign the petition below.

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