A Future Made in Australia

This pandemic has laid bare the fact that Australia has lost too many manufacturing jobs and Australia is not self-reliant.

Australia has a strong history of inventing and manufacturing things, from WI-FI technology to polymer bank notes and the airplane black box. These things were invented in Australia and they should be made here.

Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19 should be focused squarely on jobs – good, secure jobs. Australia is a country that can make things and we should be making things.

Anthony Albanese has laid out Labor’s blueprint for reinvigorating local manufacturing which includes:

  • A National Reconstruction Fund to create jobs and drive investment. The fund will allocate $15 billion to partner with the private sector to support investments that grow the economy and increase employment;
  • A National Rail Manufacturing Plan to see more trains built in Australia by local workers and ensure every dollar of federal funding spent on rail projects boots local jobs and industry;
  • A Defence Industry Development Strategy to leverage our $270 billion investment pipeline, develop Australia’s industrial and research capabilities and build skills and expertise within the Australian workforce; and
  • An Australian Skills Guarantee to give apprentices, trainees and cadets a foot in the door when it comes to work on major Commonwealth projects.

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