Valuing our early childhood educators

Wednesday, 04 September 2019

Every day, early childhood educators across Australia are carrying out the extraordinarily important work of teaching and caring for our children.

Today on Early Childhood Educators’ Day we celebrate and thank early educators for the contribution they make to the lives of children and families.

No one understands the importance of early educators quite like the millions of Australian families who trust educators with their children each day. Outside of family, educators are often spending the most time with our children.

It is thanks to quality educators that families can feel secure that their children are being properly cared for, but also that they are receiving a high quality early education.

We know 90 per cent of a child’s brain develops in the first five years, so the quality learning experiences provided by early educators can have a positive impact on a child throughout the rest of their education and life.

As a mum I have personally witnessed the bond my young son has with his early educators and the amazing impact they have had on his development.

I have also been fortunate enough to spend time with early educators across the country, and have witnessed the passion they have for ensuring children have the best possible start to life.

Labor recognises early educators as skilled professionals and we value the important work they do in laying down the foundation for our children’s future.

Unfortunately, early educators are too often undervalued and treated as “babysitters” by this Liberal Government.

They have made this clear in a number of ways since taking office, including:

  • Allowing the Early Years Workforce Strategy introduced by Labor in 2012 to expire in 2016.
  • Abolishing the Long Day Care Professional Development Program.
  • Ending funding for the Professional Support Coordinators.

Our early educators deserve better from this Government.

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