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Thursday, 04 April 2019

Morrison’s Budget is a con job that has fooled nobody in the sector – they all know the Liberals aren’t serious about the education of our children and so does the rest of Australia.

“The biggest, cruel hoax of all is the failure to ensure concrete, long-term funding for an early childhood kindy program in this state. Once again, six years in a row—they have had six years to work this out with the states—they have given us another 12-month extension.” – The Hon. Grace Grace, Queensland Minister for Education.

“The budget includes no funding for three-year-old kinder and despite parents and the early childhood education sector pleasing for a long-term funding deal for four-year-old-kinder, Scott Morrison has again let them down. The Liberals have today confirmed they will not continue funding kinders from 2021 leaving parents and providers in the dark funding future.” – The Hon. James Merlino, Victorian Minister for Education.

“Particularly disappointing was the Government’s failure to guarantee ongoing funding for the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education, which funds preschool and kindergarten. Nor did the Government respond to overwhelming calls across the community to extend preschool and kindergarten access to three-year-olds.” – Early Childhood Australia

“Early learning stakeholders agree that the lack of certainty around ongoing funding for the Universal Access program is disappointing.” – Australian Child Care Alliance

“Early Childhood Australia says the budget has missed the opportunity to address problems with the Child Care Subsidy and to provides a long-term commitment to preschool funding. We agree and will continue to advocate.” – Goodstart Early Learning

“Looking like another 12 month rollover of funding for preschool for four-year-olds. No long-term sustainable funding. No funding for three-year-olds. All of this adds up to uncertainty for families and for providers. Which is a real worry.” – The Parenthood

“The best way to increase participation is to fund UNIVERSAL access for every Australian child for 2 years of early learning before school wherever they access a quality preschool program” – ELACCA

Scott Morrison thinks he is a slick marketing guru, but even he can’t spin his early education budget.

It is clear now that only Bill Shorten and Labor can deliver permanent, ongoing funding for four year olds and extending this to include three year olds.

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