Scott Morrison no friend to families

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Scott Morrison has worn a number of hats prior to his appointment as Prime Minister. We all know he was head of the praetorian guard for Australia’s banks. But prior to this, he was also the chief architect of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Governments new child care system – the unfair new system which has now left 1 in 4 families in Australia worse off.

The original Jobs for Families child care changes were announced in the 2015 Budget by then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison.

This is where the unfair new activity test and slashing early education hours for low income families was first introduced as Liberal Party policy.

Despite Labor consistently opposing these changes, they eventually passed the parliament with minimal changes – but all of the nasty hallmarks of Scott Morrison remained.

From its inception, Scott Morrison oversaw the reduction of access to subsidised education and care to some of our most vulnerable families with and designed the unfair activity test.

This is where the Government, and Scott Morrison, showed their true colours. They like to talk about families doing it tough, but they acted to bring in a new system that reduces access to early education for low income and vulnerable families.

Whilst Simon Birmingham was left to implement this unfair new system, and botched it – it was cooked up under Scott Morrison’s watch.

Scott Morrison can’t hide from his role in leaving 1 in 4 families in the child care system worse off, and cutting early education to the children who need it most.

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