Report echoes Labor’s calls for long-term preschool funding

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Morrison Government is yet again under pressure to lock in long-term funding for preschools, this time from a report they themselves commissioned.

Reports today reveal that the COAG commissioned review into the Universal Access Partnership has admonished the Morrison Government’s short term funding for preschools and called for funding to be locked in for five years.

The report found that short term renewals of preschool funding have adversely impacted the program, and have resulted in repercussions including a high turnover of staff in the sector.

For years Labor has been calling for the government to provide long-term preschool funding. In contrast the Morrison Government has continually shown how little it values early learning.

The Coalition Government has repeatedly refused to guarantee long-term funding for preschool. They’ve begrudgingly rolled funding over seven times in seven years, with current funding ending next year.

They have refused to provide any certainty for our preschools, parents and educators – leaving the sector in constant limbo.

While all the evidence calls for governments to extend preschool funding to three year olds, we have a government that can barely commit to funding four year olds.

Universal access to preschool, brought in by the previous Labor Government, is a success story that allows all children, no matter their circumstances, access to early learning.

Labor calls on the Morrison Government to finally guarantee long-term preschool funding for all four year old children.

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