Productivity Commission confirms Liberals aren’t helping families

Thursday, 01 February 2018

Another day, another report showing costs for families keep going up under the Turnbull Government.


Today’s Report of Government Services on Early Childhood Education and Care 2018 by the Productivity Commission has confirmed child care costs continue to skyrocket under the Liberals.


The data reveals that in 2017 families using long day care paid $443 a week.


This means families are having to fork out an extra $12 a week compared to the year before – and an extra $480 a year for 40 weeks of care.


Since the Liberals were elected in 2013 fees have increased by $54 a week, or $2160 a year extra.


The Liberals record speaks for itself.


Families earning under $95,000 a year with one child are having to pay 17.6 per cent of their disposable income on child care fees.


These figures are of course compounded for families with more than one child in care.


How are families meant to absorb these endless increases in fees and costs?


The truth is many no longer can. Today’s report exposes this reality.


There are 117,400 people who are now locked out of the system under the Liberals because they can’t afford it. These are children who are simply now missing out and being left behind.


And this won’t get any better under the Government’s changes which take effect in July. Their unfair child care policy will continue to increase to costs by 6 per cent each year.


This is the same plan that will leave 279,000 families across Australia worse off – 88,000 of which are in the lowest combined family income cohort.


This is yet another blow to families who are struggling with flat wages growth and big increases in their electricity and health bills.


Another report released today – Lifting our Game – highlights the benefits of early education for our children and calls on the Government to make a long term commitment to preschool for four year olds. The funding agreement for universal access to preschool for four year olds will expire this June.  Sadly, Mr Turnbull has yet to confirm a new agreement for this vital program in 2018.


Labor has a proud history in early education and child care reform.


In Government, Labor took action to reduce the financial burden of child care on families. We increased the child care rebate from 30 to 50 per cent of out of pocket costs, and increased the cap to $7,500. We invested $970 million to create universal access to preschool for four year olds in partnership with the States and Territories.

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