Preschool funding on the chopping block

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Labor is concerned, but unfortunately not surprised, by reports that the Morrison Government is preparing to walk away from funding for universal access to preschool.

Reports today reveal early childhood advocates are concerned the Liberal Government’s commissioned review into preschool funding will be used as an opportunity to withdraw its contribution.

It has been clear from the outset how little this Liberal Government values preschool.

All of the evidence calls for governments to invest in two years of preschool, but the Morrison Government can barely commit to one year.

The Government refuses to provide long term funding for the four year old universal access preschool, instead begrudgingly committing to one-year of funding at a time. This third term government has now rolled over funding six times in six years.

Universal access to preschool is a success story that allows all children, no matter their circumstances, access to early learning.

Labor calls on the Government to guarantee permanent preschool funding for all four year old children.

This is a Government with its priorities all wrong, and our children will miss out as a result.

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