Plan urgently needed for early learning sector

Friday, 14 January 2022

The child care sector is in crisis, with reports that over 500 centres are now closed due to staff shortages caused by COVID exposures.

Without early learning services, our economy will grind to a halt as parents are unable to go to work.

The closure of early learning services is creating turmoil as parents start their work year not knowing how they will balance their work and caring responsibilities.

The mass closure of services confirms Labor’s long-standing concern that the Morrison Government was completely unprepared for the impact of opening up on families and early learning centres.

It was revealed in Senate Estimates last year that the Morrison Government did not consider improving ventilation in child care centres as an issue for the Federal Government.

It was also revealed that the Government had not done modelling on how many children would get COVID in early learning settings.

The sector has been calling out for clarity and a plan from this Government, in particular on an issue facing so many vital sectors – lack of access to rapid antigen tests.

We are into the third year of this pandemic. The Morrison Government has had ample time to prepare the early learning sector, but has failed to do so.

The Morrison Government must urgently develop a plan to ensure children and early educators are safe, and to prevent the collapse of the early learning sector.

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