Out of pocket child care costs continue to rise

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

The latest ABS figures show the cost of child care is skyrocketing under the Morrison Government, rising 1.9 per cent during the December quarter alone.

This is three times the overall increase in CPI (0.6 per cent seasonally adjusted).

Fees have now soared by 7.2 per cent in the previous twelve months, while CPI during the same period only rose 1.8 per cent.

These figures show the child care subsidy, which is indexed to the CPI, is being rapidly eroded by out of control fee increases.

This means families are paying more out of pocket for early learning and care and will continue to pay more.

This third-term Liberal Government has now overseen a 34 per cent increase in child care fees since they were elected.

Hard-working families have been dudded by the Morrison Government’s failed promises. Families are paying more and more for child care, despite the Government promising their child care system would put downward pressure on fees.

Australian families are being crippled by soaring child care costs, and the Morrison Government’s child care system has failed to deliver promised relief.

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