One in six young Australians without work

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Today’s June labour force figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows the youth unemployment rate is now at 16.4 per cent – the highest it has been in 23 years.

There are now over 334,000 young Australians without work, who are struggling each day to afford the basics and are facing an uncertain future.

We know young people are the biggest causalities of the unemployment crisis, and the ramifications will flow for months and years to come.

It is vital that the Morrison Government does all it can to protect and support young Australians, both during and after the current crisis.

The less done to protect jobs and support vulnerable workers, including our young people, in the coming months, the harder and longer the recovery will be.

Young people are facing so many challenges – including unemployment, mass early withdrawal of superannuation, and lost opportunities in education and training.

The Government must implement a coordinated response to address the many issues impacting young Australians – a taskthat should sit with the Minister for Youth.

Unfortunately so far during this pandemic, young Australians have been met largely with silence from the Minister for Youth. They deserve better.

Labor calls on the Minister for Youth to show leadership and ensure the interests and needs of young people are front of mind every step of the way during our economic recovery.

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