Morrison-Joyce slapping working families with unexpected debts

Monday, 22 November 2021

New figures show the Morrison-Joyce Government continues to pursue hard-working Australian families for millions.

The Morrison-Joyce Government is chasing families for over $191 million in Child Care Subsidy debts for the 2019/20 financial year, including almost over $70 million in New South Wales alone.

As was reported, this figure has somehow ballooned from around $35 million in April to $191 million in September (both figures were tabled by Services Australia throughout 2021).

With the average debt amount at $1,067, these debts will add significant strain to the household budgets of working families.

This data proves the Morrison-Joyce Government’s complex child care system is not working for families.

Only Labor has a plan to simplify the child care system and remove the issues and complexity leading to this astounding amount of debt.

Labor’s plan, which will make child care cheaper for 97 per cent of families in the system, will lift and smooth the taper rate, reducing the likelihood of unexpected debts due to families falling sharply into different incomes brackets.

While Labor’s plan will simplify the child care system, Scott Morrison’s plan will only make the system even more complex, limited and conditional for families.

Families across Australia are already doing it tough dealing with soaring child care fees under the Morrison-Joyce Government.

They need a child care system that works for them, not one that needs a PhD to navigate.

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