Missing: Minister, funding and plan for young people

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

It has been confirmed in Senate Estimates that the Morrison Government has no funding allocated to the Youth Taskforce post 2020.

This means it appears there is zero ongoing funding for the Youth portfolio.

Despite racking up over $1 trillion in Liberal debt, the Morrison Government has not committed any ongoing funding for the taskforce meant to represent young people.

There was also no commitment that the Youth Taskforce’s final report would contain any recommendations or set any goals – despite spending $1.2 million on it over 18 months.

The Youth Taskforce also confirmed they were not asked to provide any advice on the Government’s JobMaker Hiring Credit program.

The Minister for Youth – who it was confirmed is responsible for the taskforce – was not even present for the hearing.

After yesterday’s hearing, many young Australians would understandably be scratching their heads about what exactly this taskforce and Minister are doing for them.

Now more than ever, young people need a government committed to ensuring they are not left out or left behind.

The crisis currently facing young people has not come as a surprise. We knew since early in the pandemic they were being hit disproportionately – losing work, dipping into their retirement savings, and facing immense mental health challenges.

It therefore beggars belief that with only two months left of 2020, the Morrison Government has still got no funding or plan for engaging with young people and coordinating youth issues across government past December.

Our young people deserve better.

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