Minister’s secret hit-list: 279,000 families to lose under child care changes

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Today was a day Simon Birmingham was trying to hide from.


Today’s the day his secret hit list of families who will be worse off under his unfair child care changes has been exposed – and now we know where the 279,000 families who will lose under Turnbull’s Liberals are living.


Simon Birmingham has been sitting on this secret list, refusing to release the information that shows his child care package will leave hundreds of thousands of families worse off.


This secret hit list has only been made public through Freedom of Information requests by Labor.


279,000 families will be shocked today to realise that they will lose vital support under the Turnbull Government’s changes to the child care system.


This is especially the case for those families targeted by the Turnbull Government in the electorates of Lalor in Victoria, Rankin in Queensland and Blaxland in Western Sydney, which are the top three electorates across the nation which will have families worse off under this unfair package.


So out of touch is the Turnbull Government, it has targeted families in the lowest income bracket, with 88,000 families earning less than $65,710 worse off under its changes.  These are the families who can least afford to lose support.


For families who only have a single income of less than $65,710- access to early education will be cut from 24 hours to only 12 hours per week.


For those families on a single income over $65,710 guaranteed access to 24 hours of subsidised access is now reduced to zero.


As families start back to work and school, many will be left wondering how their household will be able to afford the cost of child care come July 2 under the Turnbull Government’s child care package.


Minister Birmingham needs to grow a spine and be honest with these families so they can start planning now – and not leave it for themselves to get a rude shock in July when they get support ripped away without warning.


For those families who have been targeted by the Turnbull Government, this is the real list that matters for those who will be struggling come July 2.


This new slug on families is on top of the 18 per cent growth in fees since the election of the Liberal Government – which means families are on average paying over $2,000 more a year.


This is an unfair package from an out of touch government – these secret numbers confirm it.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018
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