Minister confirms Liberal failure

Sunday, 09 December 2018

Recent reports of families worse off under the Liberals unfair child care changes once again demonstrate how cruel the cuts to families as a result of the government’s child care changes.

It has been six months since the Liberals changes took place, which means it has been six months since 1 in 4 families across Australia were left worse off.

What’s more of those worse affected by these changes are those who can least afford it and those who need access to care the most.

Of most concern has been the access for those families who require in-home care.

Those families who require access to in-home care are some of the most vulnerable.

It was only as recent as October in Senate Estimates that the Department said there had been no issues with the sector. This is despite 11 providers being forced to close their doors due to these changes and evidence that families were suffering.

The Minister’s announcement to provide extra funding and places to in-home care is his attempt to try and fix his government’s own mistake but for many it is too little, too late.

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