Liberal Government’s unfair child care changes continue to fail Australian families

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Reports today of child care centres charging excessive fees is further proof the Morrison Government’s child care changes are failing Australian families.

The Department of Education has confirmed one in ten childcare centres are now charging more than the Government’s hourly rate cap.

This is a kick in the guts for thousands of Australian families who are paying over the benchmark price, despite a promise from the Liberal Government that their changes would put downward pressure on childcare costs.

We are nearing the one-year anniversary of this third term Liberal Government’s unfair child care changes, and the evidence continues to mount about the negative impact it is having on families.

According to the Government’s own figures, we know their childcare changes have left 1 in 4 families worse of. We also know that vulnerable and at-risk families are finding it harder to access early learning.

And despite the spin from the government, the fact remains child care fees are up 28 per cent since they were elected.

The Government must act now and take serious action on reducing out of pocket childcare costs for Australian families.

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