Labor launches child care campaign

Monday, 02 July 2018

Today the Turnbull Government’s new child care system begins – a new system that will leave 1 in 4 families worse off.

Today funding support stops, or is reduced, for 279,000 families – funding families rely on to help balance the household budget.

Labor has been raising concerns about these changes since they were first proposed by the Liberals. We know, like the early learning sector does, that this unfair new system will hurt many vulnerable and low income families.

Labor is launching a new website to hear from those families who have been unfairly targeted by the Turnbull Government’s child care changes.

These families need, and deserve, a voice.

We’ve already heard in the weeks leading up to the new system stories of a single mother battling breast cancer being left worse off, a blended family who are trying to make ends meet but believe they will be more than $9,000 a year worse off, and families who have had to fight with an IT system which is designed to work against them.

These aren’t stories we want to hear but they’re stories that need to be told to highlight just how unfair the Turnbull Government’s child care package really is.

Sadly from today more families will discover they are worse off.

In addition, more than 200,000 families are still yet to register for the new system.

Labor’s child care campaign can be found here;

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