Labor launches campaign: fund our preschools

Friday, 27 April 2018

Today, Federal Labor is launching a national campaign calling on the Turnbull Government to properly fund our preschools in the upcoming Budget and end the uncertainty for families.


The Turnbull Government’s lack of support for preschool means families and staff can’t plan for the future. Funding will expire at the end of next year, leaving 350,000 children around Australia and 2,281 in the Bonner electorate in limbo.


Year after year the Turnbull Government only begrudgingly rolls over one year of stop-gap funding to preschools, creating massive uncertainty not only for families but right across the sector.


That is why today, Labor has launched its campaign, including a petition, calling on the Turnbull Government to commit long term funding for universal access to preschool.


Since the first agreement was signed by Labor in 2008, preschool enrolment has increased from 77 per cent to almost 93 per cent.


Minister Birmingham has recently selectively used data to attack attendance rates and used data as a cover not commit to long term funding. He is more interested in playing politics with preschool than he is in delivering a quality programme.


There is no doubt that access to four year old preschool gives our children the best head start to school and for life.


The government know this and yet won’t commit to long-term funding despite being in office since 2013.


Their priorities are all wrong. They would rather give a $65 billion handout to big business and the banks.


This is not good enough for the future of our children.


The Turnbull Government need to stop making excuses, commit long term funding in the budget next month, and provide funding certainty for our preschools.

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