Labor is committed to early learning in Queensland

Monday, 25 March 2019

Labor has cemented its commitment to early learning in Queensland this week, talking with parents and providers about our National Preschool and Kindy program and announcing our plans to support local community groups to expand their early learning resources.

Labor’s National Preschool and Kindy Program will see around 130,000 three and four year olds in Queensland have access to early education in the two years before school.

Labor’s commitment will guarantee kids across Brisbane and wider Queensland communities have access to quality early education for the best start in school and life.
But we know so much of a child’s learning starts in their local community.

That is why, if elected, a Shorten Labor Government will expand community based playgroups and toy libraries with a $6.1 million grassroots grants program.

Labor has announced this week that those communities across Petrie and Lilley will benefit under Labor’s program for community Playgroups and Toy Libraries.

Just some of the community groups which received commitments from Labor included Koobara Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Kindergarten & Preschool and the combined Embrace Life and Sesame Lane Happy Health Playgroup at Woodside Community Centre.

If elected, these commitments across Queensland will reflect Labor’s priority to giving every child the best start in life.

From North Lakes to Northgate, parents across the Petrie and Lilley electorates can make friends in a welcoming, safe environment and give their children access to a range of educational toys and developmental experiences at low or no cost.

Labor’s commitment to these Playgroups will help local communities to expand their early learning resources and facilities.

If elected, this funding towards community Playgroups and Toy Libraries will see greater support from the Commonwealth and is a long overdue recognition of the important place they have our local communities.

Labor is committed to doing more to promote early childhood development.

Labor has announced the biggest ever investment in early childhood education in Australia with the $1.75 billion National Preschool and Kindy Program.

Labor’s plan will see around 700,000 three and four year olds in Australia who will have access kindy every year. This will also help parents balance work and family and help reduce the child care bill for families with children already in early education.

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