Government desperate for a child care policy

Monday, 16 November 2020

Today members of the Morrison Government have admitted the Liberals’ child care system is not working for families.

Despite the Minister insisting there is nothing wrong with their system that sees Australian families paying some of the highest child care costs in the world, members of his own Government are now putting forward suggestions to improve the system.

While flapping around for a policy, government members are now suggesting tax deductibility should be available for services outside of the child care subsidy system – essentially, tax deductibility for nannies.

This is despite the Productivity Commission having already looked into tax deductibility and not recommending it.

The Coalition Government does not have a great track record when it comes to nannies. Their last brain wave in this space – Scott Morrison’s nanny pilot scheme – was an absolute dismal failure.

Government backbenchers refer to the importance of increasing workforce participation and removing workforce disincentives rates – yet they refuse to consider Labor’s child care plan, which evidence shows will address both concerns.

If the Government is serious about making child care more affordable and accessible for Australian families, it would set its pride aside and adopt Labor’s child care policy, which will make child care more affordable for 97 per cent of families using child care.

Labor has also expressed our ambition to move to a 90 per cent universal subsidy, which we will task the Productivity Commission to investigate.

The Morrison Government is resorting to ill-conceived policy on the fly because it has no plan to make child care more affordable and accessible.

In stark contrast, Labor has a clear plan to make child care cheaper that will see more parents working and more children receiving an early education.

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