Gonski report understands the importance of early education, now the Government should too

Monday, 30 April 2018

Simon Birmingham is all talk and no action after conceding the importance of early childhood education this morning but refusing to commit to long term funding to four year old preschool.


Today’s Gonski report has highlighted the important impact which early learning has on our children’s overall education – something the Minister himself conceded.


However, at the same time as acknowledging its importance, the Turnbull Government have done nothing to ensure early childhood education is a priority.


Since the Liberals came into government, families and the sector have been forced into limbo, relying on year-by-year announcements of further funding for four year old preschool.


If the Turnbull Government was really committed to early childhood education they would heed Labor’s calls and commit to long term funding for four year old preschool.


In addition, the Government’s child care package will see 279,000 families worse off, most of which are low income families, with some families who do not meet their complex criteria unable to access early education at all.


In fact, the government has removed all words referring to their child care package as education.


Labor believes early education is an essential part of a child’s development – on the other hand, the Liberals’ policy does not match their words.

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