Familes across Australia feeling the impact of out-of-control child care costs

Sunday, 07 July 2019

Reports from West Australia today show the devastating impact out-of-control child care increases are having on families.

The cost of child care in Perth has risen to as much as $170 a day following the latest fee increases for the new financial year.

This is an experience shared by families across Australia, who have endured a 28 per cent increase in child care fees under the Liberal Government – meaning families are spending thousands of dollars more each year.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Government’s child care system is failing Australian families, yet they continue to do nothing to rein in increasing child care costs.

The previous Minister promised to ‘name and shame’ any childcare centres that increased fees above the benchmark price. They also promised the new child care system would put downward pressure on fees.

The evidence is in that the Government’s child care system has failed. We know it has left one in four families worse off, and that vulnerable and at-risk families are finding it harder to access early education.

The silence from the Minister is deafening for families who are desperate for some relief from the rising cost of child care.

This Government is choosing to ignore the evidence and experiences of Australian families, and instead take absolutely no action to address the rising cost of child care.

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