Failing centres the cost of cutting safety funding

Friday, 06 September 2019

Labor is concerned by reports of the number of early learning centres failing to meet the national quality standards.

The latest data from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority show 21 per cent of services have been assessed as not meeting the national quality standards.

The national quality standards are a key element of Australia’s early education and care system. Labor introduced them in 2012 to drive improvement in education and staffing, the physical safety of centres, and the quality of care provided to children.

The quality standards help ensure our youngest citizens are receiving quality early learning and care in a safe and nurturing environment.

None of this is valued by the Morrison Government. In the 2018/19 Budget they slashed $20 million in annual funding from the national quality standards program. This funding directly supported on the ground inspections.

The national quality standards are currently under review. Labor calls on the Morrison Government to reconsider its shameful funding cut and guarantee the safety standards will not be weakened.

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