Early educators robbed of JobKeeper

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Tomorrow early educators across Australia will have JobKeeper ripped away from them.

While Australian workers are waiting for the Government’s decision on the future of JobKeeper, early educators are cruelly being used as the test case for the early withdrawal of the wage subsidy.

The situation in Victoria has highlighted the risks of prematurely removing JobKeeper when we are still in the midst of this crisis.

Now that Victoria has re-entered lockdown, there is a substantial risk that early learning services will close due to drop in demand or a potential government directive.

If this occurs, educators will be robbed of the certainty and continuity that comes with Jobkeeper, and could very well be instead pushed into Centrelink queues.

The Government announced the early withdrawal of JobKeeper under the false pretence that the crisis had passed for the early learning sector.

It is clear the sector is not out of the woods, and now early educators are left without the safety net of JobKeeper.

The Morrison Government needs to ensure early educators do not lose their jobs as a result of the early withdrawal of JobKeeper.

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