Early Childhood Educators Day

Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Today on Early Childhood Educators day, we celebrate early educators and recognise the contribution they make to the lives of children, families, and our country as a whole.

Each and every day, early educators across Australia are educating our children and ensuring they get the best possible start to life.

The integral role educators play has been brought into sharp focus during the pandemic. They are essential workers in every sense of the word.

Throughout this uncertain time and in an environment where social distancing cannot be observed, early educators have continued to work and provide a quality education for our young children.

Early educators have also allowed parents to work throughout the pandemic – a role that will be increasingly vital as we navigate the COVID recession.

Despite their immense contribution, early educators have not been treated with the respect they deserve by the Morrison Government.

The Government only provided JobKeeper for two-thirds of early educators – and then ripped JobKeeper from the sector before any other profession.

We are seeing the consequences of this play out during the Victorian lockdown, where educators have been stood down or lost significant income without the safety net of JobKeeper.

The Prime Minister himself gave the guarantee that Victorian early educators would not lose their jobs. This is a broken promise.

These early educators have been hung out to dry by the Government.

Today and everyday early educators deserve our appreciation, and they deserve much more from Scott Morrison and his Government.

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