Doorstop Interview – New analysis into Labor’s Working Family Child Care Boost

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

AMANDA RISHWORTH, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Today we’ve had independent analysis by the Grattan Institute backing in Labor’s child care plan. What the evidence from the Grattan Institute has shown is under the current child care system, under Scott Morrison’s child care system, unfortunately there are many families where the second income earner is working the fourth and fifth day are not better off. In fact, in many cases they are worse off. In sharp contrast to this, Labor’s policy has been demonstrated to be giving these families a leg up. Just one example when the primary income earner is on $100,000 and the secondary income earner is on $40,000, working the fourth day delivers no return for that second income earner under Scott Morrison’s system. Under Labor’s plan, this family would be thousands of dollars better off.

This child care plan that Labor is proposing is a game changer for families. It’s not just me saying that, we’ve got Danielle Wood from the Grattan Institute clearly backing in Labor’s policy. Many, many groups have welcomed this policy. We’ve had unions welcome the policy, business welcome the policy, economists welcome the policy, families welcome the policy. The only group that refuses to welcome this policy is Scott Morrison and the Liberals. They can’t put an argument together about why, all they do is oppose.

Well there is a sharp contrast when it comes to Labor supporting families, Labor supporting women’s workforce participation and growing the economy. Our plan does all of that. Compare that to the Liberals who have no long-term plan for the economy, no long term plan for recovery. The contrast is stark.

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