Doorstop interview – Child care incentives

Saturday, 30 November 2019

JOURNALIST: Amanda how do you feel about these incentives that are being offered to parents from child care centres?

AMANDA RISHWORTH, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT: I think these incentives are completely inappropriate. What we want to see is child care centres compete on quality of early education, not on what sort of special deals completely unrelated to education are being offered to parents. These incentives are completely inappropriate and have no place in our early education system.

JOURNALIST: Dan Tehan says he is getting his people to look into this and find out if it’s illegal, do you think this would be a rule breaking thing?

RISHWORTH: These incentives have absolutely no place in our early education system, we think that centres should be really competing on quality not on these unrelated, bargain-basement incentives. We really want to see the government ban these incentives. I think the Minister will find currently they are able to be put forward. But when the government invests close to $8 billion in the early childhood sector, it shouldn’t be going to free-giveaways that have nothing to do with early education.

JOURNALIST: Is there anything else you’d want to add?

RISHWORTH: I think it’s incumbent on the government to act very quickly on this, they should bring forward a ban as quickly as possible. That’s something we think is well overdue and it would be great for the government to listen to the critics and actually act on this.


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