Cost of child care continues to soar

Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has provided further evidence that the Morrison Government’s child care system is failing, with child care costs increasing by 2.5 per cent in the September quarter. This compares to a 0.5 per cent overall inflation rise.

This is the fourth quarterly increase since the system was introduced last July, and a 7 per cent increase since last September.

The Government can spin all they want, but the truth is fees are soaring under their watch. Fees have now risen a staggering 30 per cent since the Liberals were elected.

The Government promised a lot but delivered very little when it comes to keeping a lid on the cost of child care.

They promised their new system would put downward pressure on prices, but more than a year on and costs continue to rise.

Families are being crippled under the cost of early education and care, yet the Government continues to do nothing to rein in increasing costs.

The Government needs to listen to the evidence, listen to families, and take urgent action to address the soaring cost of child care.

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