Bye bye Birmo – please don’t come back

Monday, 27 August 2018

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has appointed a new Minister for Education.

Sadly they have continued to neglect the early childhood education and development portfolio and have not appointed a dedicated, standalone Minister.

One of the policy areas which is key to determining the future of the next generation and the country is without its own voice.

It is time for the early childhood education and development sector to farewell Simon Birmingham.

But it isn’t a fond farewell.

As the Liberal Government have assembled an appalling record in the early education and development portfolio.

This hall of shame includes:

  • $20 million cut from the National Quality Agenda program in the May budget;
  • The introduction of a new child care subsidy system which leaves 1 in 4 families worse off;
  • Completely bungling the implementation of his new system, leaving thousands of families and providers out of pocket; and
  • No money in the budget for the national preschools program after next year and no plans to sign a new agreement.

This is an abysmal record from this Liberal Government who despite changing their Ministers on several occasions still neglect to see the value of early childhood education.

This is the same Liberal Government who is responsible for leaving 1 in 4 families worse off under the child care changes and who has confirmed they will not continue funding for four year old preschool after 2019.

Sadly, even with a new Minister, with a record like the Liberals’ we can only expect to see more of the same when it comes to valuing early childhood education.

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