Birmo backflip worthy of a gold medal

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

In an act of gymnastics worthy of Commonwealth Games gold, today Simon Birmingham reduced his child care tax from 10 per cent to 5 per cent – just a week after launching the Government’s child care changes campaign amid great fanfare.

This is an admission the unfair tax was going to hit the hip pockets of families who rely on child care support to balance the family budget.

The Minister couldn’t even defend his tax slug for a week. But this is only a partial back down, the government is still withholding from the pockets of families $1,122 on average a year.

One thing that doesn’t change is the impact of the Liberal’s child care changes on families. With the changes only months away, 279,000 families will be worse off.

This will come as a rude shock to local families who have been left in the dark by the Turnbull Government.

When the Minister isn’t doing backflips, he is announcing that the child care estimator – which crashed over a week ago- is back up and running, deserving nothing more than a slow clap.

Amongst the chaos of this complicated package, parents are now going online to update their details for the new package, with some being questioned by Centrelink for not wanting to leave their 10 year old child at home alone.

With less than three months until the unfair changes take place, the Minister isn’t being honest with families.

Some examples where families will be worse off as a result of the Turnbull Government’s unfair child care changes;


  • Children in families where both parents aren’t working /don’t meet the activity test will only have access to 24 hours subsidy per fortnight (cut from 24 hours per week now).
  • Children in families earning over $65,710 where only one parent is in work, and one is staying home to raise children, will have no access to subsidies (cut from 24 hours per week now).
  • Children in families where one parent doesn’t meet the government’s activity test will lose access to 24 hours per week.

Labor believes early education is an essential part of a child’s development – unlike the Liberals, which believe it is glorified babysitting.

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