Australian families crippled by cost of child care

Monday, 17 February 2020

Australian families are struggling with the spiralling cost of child care according to the latest research by the Mitchell Institute.

The evidence is clear, out of pocket child care costs are rising for most families. Parents are struggling as growing out of pocket costs rise above inflation.

Shockingly, average-income parents are reportedly paying more for early education than they would on private schooling.

We know the Morrison Government’s child care subsidy is not keeping up with out of control fee increases, which means families are paying more and more out of pocket for early learning and care.

Reports of families choosing to not return to work or have any more children because of the cost of child care are a terrible indictment on the Morrison Government’s failed child care system.

At a time when families are desperate for relief from child care fees, the report also shows Government expenditure in early education actually fell in 2018/19 – the first year of the Government’s much-hyped new Child Care Subsidy.

Investment in early education and care rose steadily from 2008 and peaked in 2017, thanks to the previous Labor Government’s universal access to preschool agreement and investments in the National Quality Framework.

The report points to the success story of Labor’s National Quality Framework, which has improved the quality of services and had a positive impact on the long-term improvement of children’s learning and development.

This new research confirms what we already know – the Morrison Government has failed to keep a lid on child care fees and out of pocket costs.

Australian families are being crippled by soaring child care costs, and Scott Morrison has no plan to fix it.

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