Australian children let down by MYEFO

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Australian children have been let down yet again by this Government, with zero funding for preschool in MYEFO.

All the evidence calls for government to invest in two years of preschool, but this third-term government can barely commit to one year.

The Liberal Government has continually refused to provide long-term funding for one year of preschool. They’ve begrudgingly rolled funding over six times in six years, with the current funding running out next year.

Even the Government’s own commissioned review in the Universal Access National Partnership has called on government to provide long-term funding for preschool.

Recent reports suggest the Morrison Government is instead going in the opposite direction, and considering cutting funding for four year old preschool.

It is time this Government starts to value early learning and listen to the overwhelming evidence about the economic, social and educational benefits of preschool.

Labor calls on the Morrison Government to put money on the table to permanently fund preschool for all four year old children.

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