An 8 day admission – but families still slugged by tax

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

They say a week is a long time in politics. For Simon Birmingham’s child care tax, it was a week to forget. Eight days after launching his new child care campaign, Simon Birmingham has partially backed away from his 10 per cent child care tax but people are still going to be out of pocket.


Problem is, his government will still be withholding 5 per cent from the pockets of families which is on average $1,122 a year.


Instead of reducing the tax, the Minister should get rid of it immediately.


Not only are families trying to figure out the complexities of the Turnbull Government’s unfair child care changes, they have to worry about how this tax will affect their week-to-week budgets.


Once again the Turnbull Government have got their priorities wrong, at the same time they are giving a $65 billion tax handout to the top end of town, they are slugging families accessing early education with a 5 per cent tax.






On background: Things that have lasted longer than Birmo’s 8 day backflip:


  • Kim Kardashian’s second marriage (72 days)
  • 2017 Same Sex Marriage Survey (56 days)
  • Metamorphosis of caterpillar into a butterfly (avg. 30 days)
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games (11 days)
  • The Mooch in the White House (10 days).

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