1 in 4 families still yet to sign up to unfair child care package

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Last night the Turnbull Government confirmed there are still more than 275,000 families who are yet to sign up to its unfair child care package.

This is over 23 per cent – or around 1 in 4 families.

With just under two weeks to go until the new system launches, this should be of deep concern to the Turnbull Government.

They are on the cusp of launching a new system which a quarter of families aren’t signed up for or probably even aware of.

What will happen to the families who don’t register with MyGov on 2 July?

Will they have their payments cut off in two weeks?

We already know the new system will leave one in four families worse off – but it seems likely the true number will be much higher.

It is time for this Minister to admit he has botched the implementation of his new system, stop blaming families and providers, and fix it to make sure families are able to receive support from 2 July.

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