Your Super Your Future

“You have worked hard for your Superannuation, and deserve to retire comfortably in the future. If the Liberal Government delay the scheduled Superannuation contribution increase to 12%, Australian workers may not have enough funds for their retirement, and will work even longer.” – Amanda Rishworth MP


Amanda believes Australians deserve a comfortable retirement, and she knows you work hard for your Superannuation.


The amount of super you have in the future will determine whether you can retire, and whether you can retire well.


This is why she is concerned with the Liberal Government’s delay to the increase of the minimum contribution to your super to 12%.


The case for increasing the minimum superannuation contribution rate is strong.


If a 25 year old worker’s contribution stagnates by $20,000 now, this could cost them between $80,000 and $100,000 in their retirement.


This means they may have to work even longer to have the funds they need for their retirement.


The Liberals opposed superannuation when Paul Keating and Bob Hawke introduced it, and continue to undermine it at each and every opportunity.


Their delay to the super guarantee rise will cut the retirement income of Australians into the future.


Sign the petition below to tell the Federal Liberal Government you deserve your super for your future.