Tell Amanda if You’ll be Impacted by the Bus Cuts

The State Liberal Government want to cut $46 million dollars from public transport services to prop up their budget.

Steven Marshall’s cuts include changes to routes, axing direct buses to the city and potentially removing bus stops from our community.

Those commuting to the city from Flagstaff Hill and Aberfoyle Park will no longer have a direct service.

Local residents have told me this will impact their mobility and potentially their independence by forcing them to walk a greater distance to another stop.

Local businesses in Sheidow Park and Trott Park will be impacted as local services cease in the area.

If you use the G22x, G20, 320, 600, 601, 681, 734 and 682 services, you will be impacted if Stephen Marshall gets his way.

The Liberals have a full list of bus stops they are targeting, yet the Minister for Transport won’t release this information during consultation.

You can view the current network map here and the new proposed map here.

Tell us about how these change will impact you.