JobKeeper 2.0 Impact Survey

How’s JobKeeper 2.0 working for you?

Local businesses are the backbone to our community they have shown through out the COVID-19 health crisis their resilience, perseverance and ability to adapt to the uncertainty.

Amanda has been speaking with local businesses through out the pandemic in the lead up to the JobKeeper 2.0 changes many were anxious about how the impact will affect them, from the reduction in support, the lack of scaling in the cut off threshold or the caution following the Victorian 2nd wave.

These changes may even see some businesses miss out on the support which could add further strain on their business.

With JobKeeper 2.0 now into effect Amanda wants to hear from your business to see how these changes have impacted your business so i can relay the impact to the Government.

Fill out the survey below to provide feedback. if you want to share your experience or need any assistance you can email Amanda at [email protected] or call Amanda’s office on 8186 2588.