Future of Port Stanvac

O’Sullivan Beach is a beautiful, coastal suburb, but many locals have expressed their frustration that the Port Stanvac site has sat dormant and is of no benefit to the community.

With the exit of ExxonMobil there is an opportunity to ensure O’Sullivan Beach and the wider community can have access to the beach and coastline at Port Stanvac, and that the land is available for public good.

Public acquisition would enhance our community, providing access to the beach and the connection of the coastal trail from Hallett Cove to O’Sullivan Beach.

It could also enable greater opportunities for recreational fishing and coastal activities.

The beach and coastline at Port Stanvac belong in public hands. You, as local residents, deserve access to your coast.

Amanda has been calling on the State Government to purchase the land at Port Stanvac from ExxonMobil, to ensure it can be repurposed for our community’s benefit.

Together, we must make the State Government aware of the significant community support to secure the beach and coastline at Port Stanvac for future generations.


The premier has responded to Amanda’s hand back the Port Stanvac Beach and Coastline to the public. You can read his response here

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