Don’t let your suburb miss out on Fast, High Quality NBN again

Recently the Morrison-Joyce Government announced that an extra 10 per cent of Australian homes on the failed copper roll out offered to upgrade to the full fibre NBN.

However, the Liberal Government has now confirmed ONLY ONE SUBURB in the SOUTH will be offered the upgrade however this won’t be delivered until 2023.

Many of you would know the history of the NBN. When Federal Labor was in government, we were rolling out a world-class fibre NBN network. When the Liberals came into office, they scrapped it and rolled out a sub-standard copper network instead.

Some suburbs in the South were lucky enough to receive Labor’s fibre NBN, and other areas got stuck with the Liberals’ second-rate copper roll out.

While it seems, they have acknowledged this issue needs addressing. It is disappointing the Liberals are refusing to fix their dud second rate NBN for everyone.

Amanda know’s good quality internet is not just about watching Netflix. It is about being able to run a business, successfully study, and stay connected with family and friends.

It is outrageous that so many local residents are stuck with such sub-standard internet.

Amanda has launched a petition calling on the Government to ensure that our community is not left behind again.  You can sign the petition here